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Ouran Het

Ouran Het Community
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Ouran Rocks My Socks
A little Intro Post for you to peruse.
Ouran Het Community Rules
oo1. This is a community geared toward het pairings in the anime/manga Ouran Koukou Host Club. Therefore, all ficcage and fanart must abide this rule: nothing other than het is allowed, even as a side pairing.

“But what about the twins and their act?”

That is fine because, guess what? It’s an act. So the twins playing up their role in the host club is acceptable.

If you choose to abuse this (e.g. “I’ll show those yaoi haters! I’ll make a Tamaki/Haruhi pairing fic/art and the twins will be there being totally gay! Haha!”) your post will be deleted and you will be warned. Do it again and it’s bye-bye time. That is to say: you fail at life and are therefore banned.
oo2. All het pairings are allowed. Whore out Haruhi all you wish. Crack pairings, a la Mori/Renge? By all means, share! Sharing is caring!

Comedy, angst, drama, smut are allowed here. Crack is great. Smut is better. Mix it up and see what happens!

So long as it’s het, it’s Ouran, it’s accepted here. If you’re not sure, ask caliborn and/or wickedchild_md.
oo3. All posts must pertain to the community.

If you want to advertise another community, website, or forum it must, in one way or another, be het oriented and you must be willing to be affiliated with this community.

If you are unsure about what is allowed, e-mail either caliborn or wickedchild_md and ask. We’ll let you know whether it’s an acceptable advert.
oo4. When making a post to the community and it pertains to fanfic or fanart, please use the following:


Please place the body of the fic (unless it’s a 100 word drabble) or the image of the fanart behind your best friend: the lj-cut.

Anything that is considered mature must be put behind an lj-cut. This is an absolute must as there are some people who are able to peruse Live Journal while at work and seeing a Haruhi gang bang fanart would not go over well with someone’s boss. Also, though it’s hard to believe, there are still some virgin eyes out there.

Think of the children. Think of BunBun and Beary!
oo5. Icons, wallpapers, other graphics (including but not limited to screencaps or scans) are most certainly allowed. Of course same rules apply: must be het oriented.

Anything more than three (3) icons or large images must be placed behind an lj-cut.
oo6. No bashing or flaming allowed. Not of characters, not of pairings, not even of yaoi. You will be warned the first time then banned if you continue to be a trollish git with far too much time on your hands.

We are a het oriented community and while there are those of us that prefer that facet of fandom, and to not deal with the influx of yaoi/shonen-ai, we are not here to bash other fans or pairings.

We understand it’s a personal preference, and as such will respect other fandoms and pairings as we wish to be respected. This community was created to be a home to het pairings within the Ouran Koukou Host Club fandom. We feel that there are an abundance of other communities to cater to other aspects of fandom.
oo7. Intro posts are allowed but ONLY if they include fanfic, fanart, icons, or any other graphic or offering that applies to the community. We ask this so as to keep posting clutter down to a minimum. It's not because we don't want to get to know you or anything of that sort, we just like to be tidy.
Note: Rules are subject to change and revision at any given time due to situations, occurrences, mod’s whim, and community feedback. But mostly mod’s whim.


Would you like to become an Affiliate? By all means, please do so through this post.